The Inclusion Company was born out of a need that our founders Busi and Raashi saw while working in the Tech Industry - that creating a more diverse and inclusive culture at the inception is the key to long term business success.

We are a consulting practice that partners with companies to build high impact, innovative diversity, equity and inclusion solutions for long term business impact. We work with leaders and teams to challenge mindsets and build skill sets that drive sustainable and systemic change with a strong focus on people, culture, systems and processes.

We are committed to creating a more inclusive world one start up at a time.



Building intercultural competence and the confidence to lead, manage and work inclusively is a journey. We use cutting-edge, research based tools to coach leaders, managers and high potential employees through this development journey. Our insight-driven coaching can be offered one-to-one or as group sessions and focuses on building self awareness, setting clear goals, applying practical tactics and behaviours and making decisions with more insight.


We work with you to analyse, understand and advise on the most strategic and high-impact solutions for your business. We co-create inclusion strategies with a sharp focus on long term sustainability. Some of our areas of expertise include: diversity and inclusion strategy design, learning interventions, building and defining cultural values, launching and managing Employee Resource Groups, building an inclusive recruitment process, etc.


Are you looking to empower your teams with language and tools to build an inclusive culture? At The Inclusion Company, we believe that meaningful change starts with meaningful conversations. Through our storytelling approach, we deliver high-impact learning interventions customized to executive leaders, people managers, individual contributors and teams. We offer keynote speeches, facilitated training and engaging group discussions to spark conversations and deepen learning.


An effective learning journey combines great context-based content with the right tools and methods to make sure you, your clients and organisations achieve their goals and create lasting behaviour change. We use our skills as content creators to build interactive modules, courses and easy to use toolkits and how-to-guides for D&I professionals, organisations and individuals. Our content is designed to enhance training programs and embed learning and cater for a variety of learning styles.


Busi (she/her) has 15+ years experience in marketing, production, broadcast and technology across a number of global companies and brands and has experienced first hand the challenges these industries face in leveraging diversity as a resource and hardwiring inclusion and belonging for all. As a broadcaster, marketeer, television executive and award-winning film producer, Busi honed her skills as an innovative content creator, storyteller and commercial strategist and is a sought after speaker, facilitator and coach for business leaders and young entrepreneurs alike.

For 6 years, she led global strategy and programs for building high performing and inclusive teams in Uber's Global People & Organisation Development team and was the Global Co-Chair for Black at Uber, an Employee Resource Group that partners with DEI and the Executive Leadership Team to ensure black diversity and co-developed Uber's anti-racism commitments and strategy.

Today she is the Head of Global Diversity and Inclusion at Deliveroo and continues to contribute to the broader technology industry by using her pragmatic and developmental approach to consult with startups and scaleups and coach founders and venture capitalists as the Co-Founder of The Inclusion Company.



Diversity and inclusion have been center stage in Raashi’s life from even before she can recall. A storyteller at heart, Raashi began her career in India’s television industry, making her mark as an executive producer for non-fiction shows.

A true operator and one never afraid to get her hands dirty, in 2013, Raashi joined Uber in India as a founding team member to launch and build the brand in the country. She relocated to Amsterdam in 2015 to join Uber’s EMEA recruiting team where she worked on a number of projects ranging from employer branding to building the campus recruiting program. From 2017, she served as a founding member of Uber’s D&I team. As the Head of Diversity and Inclusion for Uber across EMEA, APAC and Global Uber Eats, she was responsible for strengthening the company’s diversity and inclusion efforts by nurturing the organizational culture as a foundation.

Currently, she is the Vice President of Global Diversity & Inclusion at Ubisoft. A position she embarked on in February of 2021 where she is able to combine her passion for people, culture and entertainment to help foster a more inclusive culture within the gaming industry.

Additionally, Raashi is the co-founder of a boutique consulting D&I firm called The Inclusion Company and also serves as an advisor to seed stage VC fund in the Netherlands called Capital T.




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